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What our client's say ....

"Dear Brett and Renata, Thank you both so much for making my beautiful cat, Nara, so welcome in your home and studio. After her initial 'sniff around', she was very happy and comfortable during her photo shoot, and the result is exceptional. Visitors to my home all comment on the elegant and stylish photographs of Nara. "

Yours truly, Janet Hussey, Marriage Celebrant

Gift certificates available

A gift voucher for a pet portrait is the perfect gift for a friend or family member who is an animal lover especially if they are hard to by for. Contact us today

Our Pet Photography

Professional Pet Portraits - for all pets, for all occasions

Glamour Pet Portrait Photography work closely with you to design a unique photography session for your pet, resulting in simply stunning, timeless images that you will love forever.

Your Pet
Each and every pet is a one of a kind individual, just like people. Every owner knows that their pet has their own special little quirks, their favourite things and preferred places. Every pet's personality is unique. Sometimes they are cute'n'cuddly, at other times they are serious, or incredibly cheeky, or eager to please, adventurous or funny and perhaps even just a little bit naughty!

We work with you to find out all about your pet before their portrait session.

Choose your location
From intimate close-ups to lightning quick action shots, the choice of location will impact on the overall result for your pet's portraits.

Indoor and Studio Photography

The photographic studio is a calm, controlled environment where your pets (and you) can relax for the photography session. Controlled lighting, (incorporating either professional flashes or daylight), can be used to create various photographic styles and reveal different moods. Added together with a variety of different backgrounds and props, the studio provides the greatest range of photography styles and moods to capture your pet's true personality.

Glamour Pet Portrait Photography Studio also has some fantastic outdoor locations nearby, making it very easy to combine a studio photography session with some outdoor location shots as well.

Our studio is conveniently located at 1234 Old Burke Road, Kew East, Melbourne, Victoria.

Dog, Cat, Animal, Pet Photography in Melbourne

Your Home
Can you picture your cat in their favourite spot on the windowsill where they love to sleep? Can you see your dog snoozing on his favourite chair? These are some images that might just capture your pet perfectly. We can come to your home for a pet photography session to capture those very special places and moments with your pet.

Outdoors Photography
Melbourne has some wonderful outdoor locations, some of which may be favourite places for you and your pet. Whether it is at the beach, on a walking track or at a local park, perhaps walking past the stunning architecture we have in Melbourne through to going for a drive in the car, enjoying a latte at your favourite café or just window shopping, these are all some terrific locations to think about for your pet's photo shoot.

Families and their pets
Pets are an integral part of any family. Children and pets share special emotional bonds and often become wonderful playmates and companions for each other. Pet portraits with the children are a beautiful reminder of youth and innocence and are great to look back on over time.

Pets are a wonderful addition to family portraits as well.

Whether you prefer individual portraits with your pet, or would like the whole family involved in the pet photography session, Glamour Pet Portrait Photography will capture those treasured moments together with your pet.

Did you know that our favourite Glamour Pets photographer, Brett Richardson, has been a professional photographer for over 27 years.

Call Brent today on 0411 102 500 to discuss your pet portrait and make an appointment.

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